Collected and saved diverse pest information such as pest life style, classification, characters, distributions, hosting plants, risks etc. is very useful source in implementation of the pest surveillance, pest risk analysis and preparation of pest list. Pest Information System (PIS) has been built in order to improve their practices to managing pest information and provide them with information and knowledge of pests for effective surveillance and inspection.


Mater Data Management

Managing reference data which is used across system such as location, pest category, pest family, host family, and quarantine status


Information Management

Managing pest information and host information, giving information to public sectors, and providing web services for integrating with other systems


Surveillance and Inspection

Tracking pest occurrence, history and situation with geographical data visually integrated with Google Map in order for surveillance and inspection


Announcement and Forum

Providing news and notices, making announcements to public sectors, and sharing information and knowledge among each other

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